Sala Golf – The Rules

Updated: 08/07/2016

It is certainly not our intention of making Sala Super League golf days anything other than a fun day and to raise money for Charity, but we still need to keep this fair. Please find rules below.

  • The handicap system is computerised. Overall management is by the Sala Super League Management.
  • The maximum handicap is 24 for men and 36 for ladies.
  • All events shall be a full handicap stableford format.
  • Any single player will only be eligible to win one prize on a golf day. Should a winning player be eligible for a second prize in any category, then the 2nd player in that category will become eligible for the prize. This shall be the case in all categories so that 4 prizes are won by 4 different players on any golf day.
  • In the event of a draw the player with the lower handicap shall be deemed the winner, likewise for second and third places.
  • Golf course etiquette must be maintained at all times.
  • Under no circumstances will a “Gimme” be accepted.
  • Members shall be allowed to bring guests as a substitute player but will be held responsible for both their guest’s handicap and general behaviour. Non-members without an official handicap card will be eligible for Sala Super League membership after playing as a guest on 2 occasions (this is to alleviate the “El Bandido” situation).
  • You must notify us of any cancellations 24 hours prior to first tee off on any golf day. Failure to notify Lindsey within this time will result in the member being liable for the full green fee applicable on the day.
  • If a player does not hand in their scorecard then they shall be given a nominal score of 10 points.
  • Non-members will only be able to win prizes after playing twice.

2016 Standard Scratch Handicap System

Standard scratch handicap system is a tried and tested method used by many golf societies. This system will not affect those players who consistently score close to their handicap, it will help those players that are struggling on the difficult courses we play and it will catch out that odd bandit playing off an inflated handicap!

How the standard scratch score is calculated

Very easy…… Every players individual score at the end of the match is added together, this total is divided by the amount of players participating on the day, giving an average score of…..this figure will be the Standard scratch score for the day. There will be a tolerance of FIVE either side of this figure, outside of this tolerance your handicap will be altered for the next match. See alteration table below.

Players HandicapShots LostShots Gained
0 - 60.10.1
7 - 120.20.1
13 - 180.30.2
19 - 250.40.2


Total individual scroes for the day: 3,162
Total players on the day: 102

Standard scratch score for the day would be 31.

All players carding scores between 26 and 36 would stay on the same handicap.

All players carding scores below 26 and above 36 will either gain shots or lose shots at the rate listed on the above table.